Students are encouraged to communicate with faculty members whose work is of interest to them and to set up interviews for rotation spots. HOWEVER, rotations should not be finalized UNTIL you have completed participation in your assigned Rotation Information Session with the faculty on the Student Advisory Committee.

A minimum of two rotations of 7-weeks duration are required prior to permanent affiliation with a graduate studies mentor and research group. Rotations are designed to provide the student and mentor both an opportunity to interact, assess suitability for graduate studies as well as to offer an opportunity to learn and practice laboratory techniques.

The Division of Basic Science coordinates a small workshop for our incoming graduate students participating in summer research rotations on campus.

This workshop provides both an opportunity to interact with the new students and our senior student lecturers as well as to enrich the summer experience of entering students by offering practice in reading the primary literature and articulating the derived concepts both succinctly and concisely.

In the first four weeks, incoming graduate students will meet with senior student lecturers to discuss selected articles. Group or paired activities may be utilized by each week's lecturer. Students will utilize the information provided over the course of the workshop to identify and share, via brief 2-3 sentence description, a scientific paper or resource with the group. All students carrying out a summer rotation are expected to attend, all local students are welcomed to attend.