Physical Biochemistry II (PBII) is a requirement for the Biological Chemistry graduate program. This course will focus on roles of enzymatic transformations in biological systems. We will emphasize mechanistic biochemistry; students will be expected to rely on their existing knowledge of chemistry, biophysics, and metabolism. The class will draw from modern biochemical literature and will be structured to emphasis student participation. PBII will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 – 3:30 pm in L4.162.

Typically, Tuesday classes will be lecture-style, focusing on a specific topic. Thursday classes will be a journal club discussing a published paper that exemplifies the significance of Tuesday’s topic. Each week, a different student(s) will be responsible for leading the journal club and for encouraging participation by fellow students. The schedule for leading journal club will be set on the first day of class. Fifty percent of the course grade will be based on class participation, particularly as a journal club leader and participant. The remaining 50% of the course grade will be based on a take-home final exam to be distributed on February 27.